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Weekend Wrap Up in Sports

The Tigers won 4-3 on Sunday and end up splitting a 4-game series with the Minnesota Twins. But all that matters are the standings and, this morning, they are thus:

MLB American League Central Standings

          TEAM                             W-L              PCT              GB                STRK

1.       Cleveland Guardians                 10-5             .667              0.0                 W1

2.       Kansas City Royals                     10-6             .625              0.5                 L1

3.       Detroit Tigers                               9-6             .600             1.0                 W1

4.       Minnesota Twins                          6-8              .429             3.5                 L1

5.       Chicago White Sox                    2-13             .133              8.0                 L4

Tigers begin a 4 game series vs The Texas Rangers at home tonight starting at 6:40 PM - Jackie Robinson Day!

Also at home in Downtown Detroit tonight, Detroit Red Wings play a do-or-die game against the Montreal Canadiens. The Wings need at least 1 point tonight to stay alive in the playoff race. They will play Montreal again tomorrow night in Montreal - a game that may or not matter. Tonight is their final home game of the regular season.

Finally, the Detroit Piston's season is finally over after losing, of course, to the San Antonio Spurs 123-95 on Sunday. Their final record for the season? 14-68.


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