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Kool-Aid and Vodka - And It's Time to Bet the Lions

Never has there been such high expectations of any team - in any sport - than there are right now for the Detroit Lions. Particularly for a team that hasn’t been in a playoff game in 10 years – and hasn’t won a playoff game in 32 years. Even the National Football League has bought into the hype and has scheduled the Lions to kick off the entire 2023 season in a matchup with none other than Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs. That game is tomorrow night, September 7 beginning around 8:20 PM.

As a life-long Lions fan, I’m certainly sucked in myself. And I’m old. But when it comes to placing a wager, that’s a slightly different story. Because I’m also a cheapskate. Do I really think the Lions will prevent Patrick Mahome from scoring more points than they will? Patrick Mahone - who led the league with a career high 5,250 passing yards last season and had an NFL-high of 41 touchdown passes, on his way to claiming his second career MVP? Perhaps not.

However, Las Vegas odds makers are giving the Lions 6.5 points. So, the question now becomes, will the Lions lose to the Chiefs by 6 points or less? And that answer is a resounding YES. In fact, I believe the score will be tied late in the 4th quarter when Chiefs score a touchdown and the Lion’s specialty team defense blocks the extra point kick attempt. I believe the Lions lose by 6 – but will still go on to win the NFC North Division by the end of the season. Because this could be their year. And that’s not just the Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid and Vodka talking.


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