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Tiger Season Opener - Sans Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

The Detroit Tigers open their regular season tonight in Cincinnati against the Reds. And by regular we mean completely and totally irregular. For starters, the season will be only 60 games long - which means we may be mathematically eliminated by August 2 after playing The Cincinnati Reds 6 out of the first 10 games. By September 2, Tiger fans will begging ESPN to bring back the Korean Baseball League.

Tiger's home opener is July 27 at Comerica Park against the Kansas City Royals - but no spectators will be allowed. This will make the stadium look like most of the second half of the season last year. We are hoping, however, that there will be plenty of pre-gaming going on around the stadium - with proper social distancing, and masks, of course.

We are calling this season the "Covid-19 Season" because it is the 1st major team sporting event to be played amidst the craziest pandemic in the world's history. Plus because we think the Tigers will be lucky to win 19 games this year.

Below is the Tiger's complete schedule for 2020. Of noteworthiness: Tigers do not play the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox this year. Unless, of course, we are one of SIXTEEN teams to make the playoffs. Ok, never mind. Go Tigers!


24-26: at Reds

July 27-30: vs. Royals

July 31-Aug. 2: vs. Reds

Aug. 3-4: vs. Cardinals

Aug. 5-6: at Cardinals

Aug. 7-9: at Pirates

Aug. 10-12: vs. White Sox

Aug. 14-16: vs. Indians

Aug. 17-20: at White Sox

Aug. 21-23: at Indians

Aug. 24-26: vs. Cubs

Aug. 27-30: vs. Twins

Sept. 1-2: at Brewers

Sept. 4-7: at Twins

Sept. 8-9: vs. Brewers

Sept. 11-13: at White Sox

Sept. 15-16: vs. Royals

Sept. 17-20: vs. Indians

Sept. 22-23: at Twins

Sept. 24-27: at Royals


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